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(450) 741-6799
123.35 MHz

The APPH has been responsible for the operations of the CYJN FBO for a number of years. Our principal tasks consist of conducting regular runway inspections, fueling aircraft, responding to any security incidents, and providing clients with a variety of general aviation related services.


Since the task for maintaining the airport has been given to us by the city of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu we are in an advantageous position which allows us to be consulted regarding different aspects of the development of the airport. This relationship, linking us to the city directly, allows us to better serve our pilots, and the city itself. Our goal is to keep the Saint-Jean airport as one of the most welcoming in North America.

Hugo tessier

Claude Flibotte

Xavier Castonguay

Jean-Marc Surprenant.jpg.png

Head of operations

Claude Flibotte.PNG

Service Agent

xavier castonguay.PNG

Service Agent


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