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Trying to reach perfection

A good pilot is always learning, no matter what their  level of experience. This is one of the pleasure of  aviation. All year long APPH organizes seminars, visits, training, and different events to help improve the competency and security of our members. We are lucky to have a diverse and passionate group
always ready to share their knowledge.

Over the years we have organized visits to the Search and Rescue Centre in Trenton Ontario, the Flight Information Centre of Quebec, Montréal Centre, the École Nationale d’Aérotechnique (ENA), Pratt and Whitney Canada, the NAV Canada NAV Centre training facility, CMAC-E, and others. We have also offered many trainings on aircraft technologies, weather,  knowledge refresher courses with Transport Canada, transborder flight procedures, air traffic control, and more.

Interesting for novice pilots as well as the most experienced among us.

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